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Evolutionary cryptocurrency with the complexity dynamic adaptation mechanism depending on the transaction load on the network. The issues of an infinite queue no longer exist.

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About Magnatum

The most popular problem of cryptocurrencies is the growth in the unconfirmed transactions number. This technical flaw puts a serious limitation on their development. Magnatum — is the world's first cryptocurrency with dynamic adaptation of complexity, depending on the load on the network. The innovative algorithm developed by us, reduces the interval between blocks, keeping the network bandwidth even in peak loads. Join the mining of the most technologically advanced currency in the summer of 2017.

Skunkhash Raptor

Magnatum uses a popular growing GPU-optimized algorithm, further differentiating it from other mineable coins. Raptor is the developer’s fingerprint and is used to monitor proliferation of the SkunkHash algorithm.

Classic PoW

Proof of the work done leaves the possibility of the blocker to remain "clean", allows the entire community to compete to verify the validity of transactions and make attacks on the system very expensive.

Liquid Blocks

The interval between blocks decreases in proportion to the number of transactions, increasing the network bandwidth, but preserving the currency emission by reducing the reward.

Magnatum Specifications

Our parents believed in paper. We believe in technology

Coin name






Coin type




Block Time

60 sec


130000000 MGT per year


AMD Miner

zipped file 5 MB

Nvidia Miner

zipped file 15 MB

Windows Wallet

zipped file 10 MB


The basis of the Magnatum project is our community members. Decentralization and equality are key concepts for us. Each community member has the right to make proposals to influence the current situation and the future of the project. The embodiment of ideas becomes easier when you are surrounded by strong, intelligent people with pronounced leadership qualities. Magnatum cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies and blockchain future depend on you. Join the greed force!